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Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose Gold Hair Color

Looking for a suitable rose gold hair color? This gorgeous golden brown shade is available in a variety of shades from dark blonde to light brown. This color looks beautiful on natural blondes and light-haired brunettes with gray, blue, black or green eyes and big lips. Here we’ve rounded up fashionable rose gold hair color ideas for the brunettes. Pastel pink tips with warm rose gold ombre hair can look gorgeous on them. Check out the burgundy hair color ideas here too.

Trendy R.ose gold hair highlights for brunettes

Although the shade of pink hair looks amazing on the blondes, brunettes can pull it off too with a little effort. You need to bleach your hair first. The best way to apply this color is along the middle hair shaft to the ends, leaving out the root hair. Those who want to avoid bleaching can try raspberry baby lights. You need to apply this color all over your hair, emphasizing the base more.

In-Vogue styles with rose gold colored hair balayage

  • Pink highlights: One way to draw attention to facial features is to bring out the color of the facial curls. Your barber should maintain the same color consistency throughout the hair, with the shorter layers that frame the face being darker.
  • Baby pink and brown hair: Light pink highlight looks wonderful on brunettes. Knots, braids, or twisted hairstyles are best for flaunting the end result of the highlight.
  • Pixie cut reinforced with the rose gold stripes: You can give your pixie cut an edge with rose gold stripes. The best way to apply rose gold to short hair is to apply ‘rose gold balayage’ to the ends of your hair.
  • Pastel pink balayage: A fashionable idea for rose blonde hair is to apply pastel rose gold to blondes.