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Sapphire Ring Designs

Sapphire Ring Designs

Sapphire is a coveted gemstone. Women and men love it for its gorgeous hue. When it comes to style, sapphire rings are a great alternative to solitaire diamond rings. You can wear them with a pair of sterling silver earrings to flaunt your style statement. When buying a sapphire ring, you need to consider its color. Although the blue color is the most popular shade of the gemstone, sapphire is also available in green, pink, yellow, red, orange, or brown. Aside from the color, the saturation, tone, clarity and cut are the other aspects of this gemstone. From the princess cut sapphire rings to the pear cut, this gemstone is popular for wedding rings and engagement rings.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Sapphire Ring

  • Colour: The sapphire color is an essential criterion when purchasing the gemstone. When it comes to color, you need to study the tone, saturation, and hue of the gemstone. Without this, the stone will lack its brilliance and it will appear dull. In addition to the blue sapphire ring, the pink-orange Sri Lankan padparadscha, the chic pink and the red sapphire rings are also popular.
  • Clarity: This is another aspect to consider. Without inclusions, you would hardly find a sapphire. The fewer the imperfections of this gemstone, the higher the price.
  • Cut: In general, a well-cut sapphire is symmetrical and reflects light at desired angles to bring out the sheen of the stone. Usually, gem cutters cut more of the stone when it is a lighter shade and less when it is a darker shade so that the stone will dazzle with the perfect radiance. Cabochon-cut and pillow-cut sapphire rings are popular choices for wedding rings and engagement rings. These cuts make the stone appear polished and faceted.

Unique sapphire ring designs that you will love

The shape and cut you choose obviously depends on your personal preference. Here are some popular strains.

  • Marquise Sapphire Ring: The term “Marquis” was coined from the incident when the King of France, King Louis XIV, had a diamond ring cut in the shape of the Marquise de Pompadour’s smile. The marquise sapphire ring is a good addition to the diamond ring and is popularly used as an engagement ring.
  • Gothic sapphire rings: Those who want to make an edgy statement can opt for the Gothic-inspired sapphire rings. These rings are a darker shade than the other engagement rings and are suitable for those that will fit into the alternative earring holder.

With a good idea of ​​the sapphire rings, you can choose one that best suits your personality and fits your budget. Visit the gallery and choose from some of the handpicked designs for blue sapphire rings.