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Septum Piercing Meaning Types  Ideas

Septum Piercing Meaning Types Ideas

Septum piercing is a rebellious piercing that always looks very trendy no matter what type of style you prefer. As it’s growing in popularity, it’s a perfect way to express yourself boldly and a little bit provocatively. A few years ago, many people believed that only the hardcore among us could get the nasal septum piercing. Today, however, the attitude towards this form of face decoration has changed due to various piercing ideas that are in vogue.

Getting a needle or ring through the nasal septum is a mainstream trend among people of all ages (teenagers, young, and older adults). If you are also thinking of glueing your nasal septum and wearing a nice nasal attribute, it should be a great time to learn all the basics of this procedure and choose the best type of septum piercing for yourself.

What is septum piercing?

It’s one of the most painless piercings that can absolutely change your appearance. In fact, this type of face piercing means that you are ready to have your nasal septum pierced – right between your nostrils. The septum piercing is not excruciating because of the skin at the end of the nose. This prevents the cartilage from being damaged when the needle is pushed through the septum.

The septum piercing must not be confused with a nose or bullfight piercing. You need to realize that pinning a nasal septum is just a type of nose piercing. Getting a bullring means wearing the ring 3 to 5 inches in diameter. So both terms are imprecise and technically wrong.

Types of septum piercing

Once you’ve made up your mind to nail your septum down, you need to figure out what type of piercing will suit you best. There are many options for septum piercing and all of them vary depending on the shape and size of the main piercing attribute – a ring or a barbell. Below are the most popular types of septum piercing. Try them out and find out which one works best for you.

  • Round dumbbells: There are many options for circular barbells to choose from. As a real fashion statement, they differ in the diameter of the ring, in the ball size and color and of course in the shaft color.
  • Captured pearl ring: This widely used type of piercing provides every customer with a sleek and comfortable ring that can be made from silver, gold, and even glass. Such a ring contains a small ball or beard with slots on each side to fill the gap in the ring.
  • Seamless rings: Hinge rings or regular rings are an easy and sharp looking choice that doesn’t have a ball. Both variants are very easy to use.
  • Septum clicker: Various click rings are commonly used in pinning the septum in place, but unlike pivoting segment rings, their shapes are not precisely circular. They usually have a slightly noticeable measurement area that doesn’t go through the piercing itself and that draws people’s attention.
  • Septum holder: These type of piercing options have a more square shape and this feature makes them a creative alternative to any classic ring.

Both men and women find this style of piercing trendy and hot. According to official statistics, about 19% of women and 15% of men in the US are nasal pricked. Incidentally, nose piercing is the second most popular type of piercing among Americans. As mentioned earlier, it is one of two main types of nose piercing. When it comes to the nasal septum, men are more likely to wear circular dumbbells and captive pearl rings. On the other hand, women prefer seamless and sleek style options.

How much does It costs?

When you’re ready to stick a needle through your septum, you should know how much it will cost. On average, the price of the septum piercing can vary from $ 30 to $ 90 (jewelry cost is usually included). Try to choose the most qualified piercing shop and high quality jewelry. Before going to such a store, it is better to visit the website and read the comments from customers. For ideas on septum piercing, you can explore the blog.