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Silver dress shoes- a girl’s best friend

Silver dress shoes- a girl’s best friend

When packing for a summer holiday, a statement pair of evening shoes is a must. As the sun goes down and the air gets cooler, the right sandals will keep you looking glamorous yet comfortable through out the night. From a dressy pair of sliders to a platform heel, some range of summer sandals are perfect for cocktail or even for sunset stroll on the beach. There aren’t many occasions in life when you get to wear jaw-dropping dresses, but when you need the perfect party dress you are spoilt for choice. But accessories is important to pair with a gorgeous new dress are also important and thus can really make or break an outfit. The next most important thing to buy after dress is shoes. Shoe shopping is a girls favourite past time! The perfect pair is silver dress shoes, which can go in every occasion from office-ready to elegant evening sandals.

Let’s have a look at some alluring shoes and how to match them with perfect dress!
1: Select shoe colours that match your dress colour
If you are wearing a dress that has decoration on it, one can select a heel with the same colour as your embellishment or the main colour of the dress. For example, if dress colour is green with silver sequin then one can pair with silver shoes for a perfect silver dress shoes.
2: Formal occasion
If heading to a formal affair one can go big and bold with a mid-heeled design. Team it with a gorgeous dress and you are ready to go.
3: Remember the occasion
Be it homecoming, prom or any party, which requires a stunning new dress ensure not to commit any fashion crimes with shoes. Elegant silver heels are the best choices for these types of occasion as these are classy and feminine in appearance.