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Sister Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Sister Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Getting a tattoo is an obligation in itself. Speaking of commitment, family comes first. Sisters are more than just family – they are your best friend. So if you’re thinking of getting inked, take your sister with you and get some matching sibling tattoo designs! Check out the sister tattoos summary in the gallery below

Inseparable Sister Infinity Tattoo Designs

The infinity symbol is simple and yet conveys the strongest emotions – one of eternity. Transfer your indissoluble connection to your skin through these incredible tattoo ideas.

  • Let ‘Lil Sister Big Sister’ colorize your infinity symbols each time. It’s simple, pretty, and highlights that sweet love-hate relationship between sisters.
  • Get a red heart over the black infinity symbol and the opposite for your sister. The color contrast is trendy and makes for a very cool design.
  • For an artistic touch, you can add a dove at the end of the infinity symbol on one side and a small heart on the other. Reverse the arrangement for your sister.

Exquisite symbolism Sister tattoos to watch your sister bond

  • Little finger swore: Bring back your childhood memories with this adorable matching tiny fingerprint wrist tattoo.
  • Flower energy: Flower tattoos always look great and vibrant. Get the same flower but different colored tattoos for each and get a fun and lively matching tattoo. You can also use this idea when getting sister tattoos for 3.
  • Dream catcher: Your sister is the one who supports and encourages you all your life. She will help you make your dreams come true. So why not get matching dream catcher tattoos together? They are complicated, beautiful and also represent the cycle of life.
  • Connecting ankle: These inspirational ankle tattoos are extremely adorable and perfect for summer time. Show off your pretty feet with a cute knuckle that connects your hands

You can find more cool tattoo ideas for sisters in the gallery below.