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Skeleton Makeup Ideas

Skeleton Makeup Ideas

Would you like to wear a scary skeleton look this Halloween? Then check out our collection of incredible skeletal makeup ideas here. With the help of extreme shadows and contours, you can use makeup to create “lifelike” skeletal costumes. From half skulls to orange, purple to bridal skulls, we have an incredible round up of makeup ideas for skeletal faces. In addition to the creepy and scary Halloween makeup ideas, we’ve even put together a good collection of glamorous skulls in purple, gold, and pink. So choose one based on your taste, personality and style. You can also go over some really scary Halloween makeup ideas in the gallery below.

Spooky Skeletal Makeup You Won’t Want To Be Without

  • Half skull: The half-skulls have become popular because they are versatile and easy to use, and you only need to apply make-up to one half of your face. Use a dark eyeshadow palette and white face paint to create the dramatic half-skull look.
  • Twin skeleton: One of the most difficult to remove skeletons is that of the “twin skeleton”. For the effective execution of twin skeletons, it is important to carefully copy all the technical details.
  • Bony skeleton: The bony skeleton look gives a creepy feel as it creates the optical illusion of showing the bones in the body.

Glamorous skeletal make-up to die for

  • Purple skull: Wear a glamorous look during the fall and Halloween festivals with purple skeleton makeup.
  • Dreamy Orange Skull: The orange make-up gives a feeling of brightness and freshness that stands out completely from the scary Halloween make-up. The blue-eyed beauties can easily wear the orange skull look.
  • Glam Skull: Instead of the crazy and crazy skeleton look, wear the purple and pink glamor look and be the epitome of your Halloween party.

You will look insanely bizarre and have all eyes on you with these skeleton makeup ideas. You can even check out some scary Halloween ghost makeup ideas here.