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Small Box Braids

Small Box Braids

The little box braids make the rounds because they’re edgy and they go with all kinds of faces and hair colors. There are tons of ways to style small braids – from buns to ponytails. To give you some extremely wonderful ideas for small box braid hairstyles, we’ve rounded up some pretty tips and ways for styling small and medium-sized box braids.

Choose your favorite hairstyle from a list of extraordinary small box braids.

Simple little box braids

The black little black box braids bob goes well with long hair and is made up of simple and beautiful braids. This particularly versatile box braid looks stunning on almost any occasion. The next little box braids to try out are the ultimate knotless box braids with colorful strings, loose curls, and small braids. If you are looking for trendy hairstyles for small boxes, the black and blonde braids are for you.

With this style, your hair starts out black and then merges into blonde which adds the amazing ombre effect. Opt for the multi-colored box braids if you are looking for small box braids with color. In this look, the color starts with a black and then different shades of blonde and brown.

Versatile box braids

  • The medium-sized half box braid, with impressive multi-colored braids in a half-up style, with one half loose and the other half high, is for women who want a stylish and cute look.
  • Another extraordinary little box braid with a color that works for almost any skin tone is burgundy ombre braids, where the little box braids start out black and blend into a vibrant burgundy color midway through.

Try these simple and cute little box braids for a dazzling fashion statement. Browse our plethora of ideas for a dozen more whimsical hair styling box braid tips and ideas.