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Smart Pixie Haircuts

Smart Pixie Haircuts

We have all heard the famous quote from the legendary Coco Chanel: “A woman who cuts her hair will change her life”. And it couldn’t be truer. Here’s a little motivation for you to get that bold pixie haircut – every girl knows that even an embellishment can make a huge difference to your overall look. If you’re a newbie you might feel a shock at first, but a pixie haircut is totally worth it even if you crave a feminine look. It takes an amazing stylist, open mind, and tons of hair products to rock a pixie cut!

Pixie hairstyles According to face shape

There are several types of pixie styles that you can get depending on the shape of your face.

  • If you have an oval face then you can totally rock Rihanna’s pixie haircut. But don’t limit yourself. Pretty much any style would suit you, so experiment.
  • For a round face, you need the right angles for your pixie cut.
  • A pixie cut for a long face should be done with caution as a wrong haircut can accentuate the length of your face undesirably. The ideal haircut for you would be a short one
  • A square face is characterized by a strong jaw. Try a shaggy pixie haircut to balance out that strong jaw.
  • A diamond shaped face can rock a pixie haircut with lots of volume.

Check out some of the latest and greatest pixie hairstyles in the gallery below.