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Solitaire Diamond Rings

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Who said you need a man for a swanky diamond ring? How about if you gave yourself the special solitaire diamond ring? Solitaire diamond rings are by far the best way to celebrate your “worth” and “worth”. Choose from the best diamond rings and let them radiate a little “class” and “sophistication”. Be it on your birthday, your wedding, your salary increase or after the completion of the silver anniversary, nothing beats the charm of a solitaire diamond ring. Read below to learn more about and see some of the exemplary solitaire diamond ring pictures.

Meaning of solitaire

Solitaire is usually meant to describe a single gemstone or diamond set into a piece of jewelry. The generic word is applied to any piece of jewelry that contains a single stone.

Most Popular Solitaire Diamond Ring Styles

The styles of solitaire diamond rings differ in the shape of the diamonds. Here are some of the most popular and well-known solitaire diamond rings:

  • Princess Solitaire: Princess Solitaires are usually square
  • Round solitaire: Round solitaire diamonds are basically elongated
  • Oval solitaire: Solitaire oval diamond rings are similar to round diamond rings, but they are a bit long.
  • Heart solitaire: Heart Solitaires look very romantic
  • Emerald Cut Solitaire: These are usually rectangular in shape
  • Marquise Solitaires: These rings are shaped like a boat with pointed edges.

What Makes Solitaire Diamond Rings So Famous?

Over the past few decades, high-end jewelry campaigns and advertisements have introduced the solitaire diamond rings as the perfect engagement rings. The engagement ring campaign hosted by the high-end companies has helped the solitaire diamond rings sneak into fashion into the fashion market.

Give yourself something as precious as you are – solitaire diamond rings. You can find more such solitaire diamond ring designs in the gallery below.