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Star Nail Art

Star Nail Art

Our huge amount of bright and fresh nail art ideas for stars is freshly inspired by fashionistas around the world. We know how you all like dazzling and stylish glitter nails for parties and festivals and that’s why we did our research to bring you the trendy star nail designs for the 4th from July and Christmas.

Check out our collection of cheerful and stylish star nail art ideas now.

Celebrity Inspired Star Nail Art Ideas

Thanks to its uniqueness, you can never get past the neon stars. For added fun, choose the bright green and black star nail designs. Love pink to the core? Try the simple red and pink sparkling nail with a star for your Christmas party. The purple star nails with glitter are a cool star nail art design to get inspiration.

Monochrome magic can never run out and so you can try the legendary black and white star nails to flaunt your taste. Go for the classic moon and star nail art for a super stylish look. The subtle beige acrylic nails with gray stars are appreciated by many for their simple yet classy look.

Easy Festive nail art designs

  • Add a dash of spring to your nails and get them ready for summer by opting for the star colored star nails with glitter.
  • The seductive glittering gray nail designs with a black star are a do-it-yourself design for all black lovers out there.
  • Try the ultimate gold star nails for a merry poinsettia nail art

Think fashion, think star nail art. Let all of your admirers gaga over your sassy nails with these creative nail art ideas. Search our gallery for more ideas on 4th from July Star Nail Art Ideas and other such festive nail art.