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Striking Face Piercing Ideas

Striking Face Piercing Ideas

Face piercings help a woman make a unique style statement and attract envious and admiring glances. Face piercings are the trend now that will noticeably improve your appearance and make you look chic and trendy. Use the right eye makeup for a more glamorous look. No matter how old you are, if you want to experiment with your looks, facial piercings are for you. In addition, American men like girls with different types of piercings. So you have good reasons to have your face pierced and flaunt the trendiest piece of jewelry.

How are facial piercings perceived by others?

The face piercings were influenced by Asian and African cultures. People in our society have a positive perception of facial piercings. For example, women with such piercings are considered more attractive.

Different types of facial piercings

  • Anti-eyebrow piercing: This type of piercing is done just above or below the eyebrows. This is done with the tiny surface bar.
  • Bridge piercing: This piercing is done through the bridge of the nose between the wearer’s eyes.
  • Cheek piercing: This is a common type of face piercing that is performed over the wearer’s cheeks.
  • Eyebrow piercing: This vertical face piercing includes a 12 to 18 gauge needle that is inserted through the lower layer of the eyebrows and exits through the upper layer to allow a piece of jewelry to be inserted.
  • Jestrum Piercing: This upper lip piercing, also called the vertical medusa, is a piercing in the upper lip philtrum just below the nasal septum.
  • Lip piercing: This type of piercing can be divided into labret, lip and lip plate piercings.
  • Monroe Piercing:This is a unique type of lip piercing that is placed off-center over the upper lip on the left side. This piercing was inspired by the classic Marilyn Monroe beauty mark. There is a similar Madonna piercing done on the right
  • Nose piercing: It is a cartilage or skin piercing for wearing jewelry.
  • Philtrum piercing:: This piercing is done through the upper lip just below the septum of your nose.
  • Tongue frenulum piercing: This piercing is done through the frenulum linguae of the tongue below.

Make an exclusive style statement with whimsical piercings.