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Stunning Back Hand Henna Designs

Stunning Back Hand Henna Designs

Mehendi is a popular design of all women out there. Limited to customs and traditions, but henna designs are really puzzling. They define and emphasize feminine grace. Mehendi designs, which are mostly worn during festivals and wedding parties, are now only worn for tattooing the palms, just like tattoos.

Are you in love with mehndi too? Do you want to do it in your hands and set the trend? Here we have some really alluring mehndi designs that just passed out. Read through and choose the best one for yourself.

Backhand henna designs for all kinds of occasions

When you’re ready to embrace the upcoming festival or your cousin’s wedding, turn to the traditional henna mehendi on the back of your hand. The tiny flyers and motifs add to the beauty and grace.

There is nothing quite like the appeasement of a black mehendi on your hands. This type of black mehendi has its origins in Asian countries and is truly beautiful given the leaves, flowers, and climbing vines that the design includes.

How to darken the color by hand henna?

  • Leave the henna on for a longer period of time, a maximum of 12 hours would be appropriate. After that, rub both palms vigorously to scrape off the dried henna instead of washing it off with water.
  • Mix some lemon juice in a bowl with boiled water and sugar. Dip your hands in the bowl and leave the lemon juice on for a few minutes. The lemon actually acts as a catalyst for dye release.
  • Heat the cloves in a pan, move your hands over them, and let the fumes soak into your skin, which in turn helps it penetrate deeper.
  • Use balms like Vicks to rub your mehendi and remove the crust after scraping. Balms are known to help in stimulating color development

Backhand henna designs have only changed the concept and principle of athletic mehendi on occasions and festivals. Now they can be taken anywhere. You can find more such designs in the gallery below.