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Stunning Jewelry Ideas

Stunning Jewelry Ideas

If you’ve never heard of daith piercings, you are not alone! This type of cartilage piercing is an ancient practice that has recently made its way into the modern body piercing scene. Inside the innermost fold of cartilage is a tiny protruding part known as the helix crus. A daith piercing is a piercing through this cartilage. If you browse the gallery you will see why it is becoming so popular – a daith piercing looks absolutely gorgeous and so cool! But this piercing offers more than just a high quotient. It’s also commonly known as a “migraine piercing” and for good reason!

Daith piercings Can cure migraines – fact or fiction

The word on the street is that daith piercings can cure migraines. Eliminate misunderstandings – migraines as such are not yet curable. It can be treated quite successfully, but not cured, using traditional or alternative methods. Any claim that a pierced helix crus “cures” migraines is indeed an exaggerated claim until further clinical / scientific research is conducted on the matter.

But the thing here is that piercings have worked wonders for many men and women who have significantly decreased the severity and / or frequency of migraine attacks and headaches. While not a hard science, the Helix Crus is an important pressure point in acupuncture practices that help relieve migraine symptoms like nausea, headache, vomiting, etc. It works like acupuncture with a daith piercing – the advantage is that you can get a daith earring at the pressure point and not visit an acupuncturist regularly.

What is the Medical View on Daith Piercings?

Daith piercings are very popular and are often discussed among people with migraines. Doctors working with pain relief and migraines suggest that it is better to approach the daith piercing with caution (which brings us to the topic of healing and caring for daith piercings) as there are few scientific ones on the matter Researcher there. They also suggest that it is better to see if something like a daith piercing can help you with your migraines or not by seeing an acupuncture specialist.

Daith Piercing Pain Scale, Aftercare and Healing

Whether you want a daith piercing for migraine relief or because of its fantastic boho-chic vibe, you probably want to know how painful a daith piercing is. Well, according to those who have their helix crus pierced on a scale of ten, a daith piercing is three or four. In other words, it has a relatively low pain scale.

It is important that you get your daith piercing from a reputable and experienced piercing artist. Daith piercings are still a very new trend. So make sure you get aftercare instructions from someone who is well versed in daith piercings. The daith piercing can take anywhere from 3 weeks to a month to heal depending on how well you take care of the piercing!

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