3D Nail Art Designs

3D Nail Art Designs

3D nail art is all the rage these days, especially when decorating yourself for festivities. Nail art 3D designs are on trend with various patterns and shapes ranging from roses, daisies, chocolates, Easter bunnies and much more. Among the non-acrylic 3D nail art designs, patterns with rhinestones, dried flowers, ceramic 3D nail patterns, etc. are some of the most popular options for nail decoration. You can also opt for acrylic 3D nail art, which is where the acrylic paint solidifies over the base nail polish, creating a cool 3D effect. In our gallery you will find some insanely artistic and gorgeous 3D nail art ideas as well as some tips for DIY 3D nail art!

Smart Tips for DIY Acrylic 3D Nail Art

  • Apply a layer of base paint and let it dry completely. A base layer of nail polish is important before making acrylic 3D nail art designs.
  • You can use tools included in nail art kits, or you can improvise with toothpicks, matches, or small thin brushes available at any stationery store.
  • Get creative with 3D nail art ideas. As you can find in our gallery, you can mix acrylic and non-acrylic 3D nail art patterns!
  • Don’t forget to finish your nail art with a layer of transparent nail polish.

Non-Acrylic 3D Nail Art Ideas

It’s easier to make 3D nail art designs without acrylic. With stones, pearls, rhinestones, ceramics, clay stencils, stickers, dried leaves and flowers, etc., you can get as creative and crazy as you want. Use tweezers or toothpicks to lay your designs on a damp layer of nail polish and voila! You have an amazing nail art that you can flaunt with your favorite clothes and accessories.

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