4th of July Patriotic Toe Nail Art Ideas

4th of July Patriotic Toe Nail Art Ideas

Independence Day is just around the corner and it deserves to be celebrated with all great things. You are done filling your shopping cart with patriotic t-shirts and jackets, but what about patriotic nails? Thanks to the advancement of fashion and style, patriotism can now be modeled through nail art designs. We bring you some really amazing July 4th Nail Art after searching the internet and famous designs by famous designers. Read on to learn more about patriotic toenail art designs.

Be a real head gymnast with fail-safe ideas for patriotic toenail art

  • Stars and Stripes: The stars and stripes are one of the most common 4th from July nail art trend, which is really outstanding. This particular toenail art design honestly resonates your love and joy for the country.
  • Jewels and Stripes: Stones and jewels were the craze among the nail art trends due to their uniqueness. Add some gem to the blue and white nails to add some glare and oomph.
  • Sweet bows: Imagine cute little bows on your patriotic toenails to cut out the monotony? Bows are very cute and can be a creative addition to your red, white, and blue nail art designs.

Paint the tips

If you want to flaunt something out of the ordinary, paint the tips of some toenails with the signature red, blue and white stripes or stars or even the flag and add glitter to the remaining nail tips while keeping the remaining part of the nail empty?

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