Amazing Hippie Hairstyles

Amazing Hippie Hairstyles

Experimenting with your hair can be fun.  However, hairstyles with elaborate steps can be tricky or require the essentials that may not be available at home.  Here we present some fun and easy hippie hairstyles that will change your look in no time.  Just get yourself ready with a comb and some bobby pins and you are done.  Explore the gallery below and experiment with a low bun or a messy braid hairstyle to complete your bohemian outfit.

Try Boho Top Knot

  • Take a small section of your hair from the front and secure it with a hair clip.
  • Pull your hair into a ponytail and take sections off the center of the head.  The ponytail should be inline or parallel to your ear.
  • Comb the rest of the section of hair down
  • Braid the small section in front that you put aside with a clutch into three small Dutch / normal braids.  Tie their ends and secure them with bobby pins.
  • Lastly, take the ponytail and make a topknot out of it.  Your chic look is ready!

DIY boho side braid

  • Comb and part your hair on one side.
  • Leave some hair from the front (it would be great if you have side locks) and start a French braid right from your crown.
  • Keep braiding until you reach the end of your earlobe.  Pin it behind.  Comb the rest of your hair and secure it with an elastic band.  Or comb and wear a messy fishtail.
  • You can add hair accessories for accentuation.

Bohemian messy bun

  • From the middle, divide your hair in half.
  • Braid each side in a Dutch braid style and loosen the knots.
  • Gather them up and roll them around your neck in a messy bun.  Keep some hair loose from the sides and ends so it doesn’t all look sorted.
  • You can add hair extensions while you braid for a little game of style.

Looking for more hippie hairstyles?

You can enhance the DIY boho hairstyles with flower ribbons, twisted ropes with pearls, and wavy tiara.  You can properly pair them with beach outfits, flowing skirts, or bohemian wedding dresses.  The pictures below will give you a unique idea of ??the latest hippie hairstyles.

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