Amazing Layered Haircut Ideas

Amazing Layered Haircut Ideas

Layers work for all hair types. They add volume to curly hair and give straight hair a more robust look. In addition, they add a really elegant impact to wavy hair. You will never have a bad day again with these awesome haircuts. In addition, layered haircuts are trendy. Package your hairstyle with balayage hair color for more and more additions with the brand new layered hairstyle

Layered haircuts for medium hair

  • Bed head texture: If you give medium layers of hair, it usually creates a messed texture due to the choppy ends. This is a look that celebs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are rocking. It has a timeless quality and is guaranteed to look great on every hair type.
  • Chin Length Layers / Classic Shag: Chin length layers add volume to your hair. They give your hair a luscious blowout look. Paired with funky bangs, this look is to die for!
  • Girl next door look: This look is achieved by round brushing your medium length layers. There is a super responsive atmosphere with a low maintenance look.

Layered Hairstyles for Short Hair

  • Robust Pixies: These look mischievous, perfect for tomboy. Prickly on the ends and super smooth. These layered haircuts add impact to your short hair and give it a more classy look.
  • Choppy Lobs: Strategic layers and highlights are exactly what you need to achieve this choppy look. So chic!

Layered Hair Ideas for Long Hair

  • Waterfall layers: Curl your thick, long hair in cascading waves. Layered hair for this hair type adds a mystical touch to the waterfall.
  • Beach waves: This look works well for long layers, starting from the chin down.
  • Detailed highlights: Go a step further and add highlights. Layered hair is better for rocking highlights. Layers will help your highlights blend into your darker hair.
  • Strategic styling: This works especially well if you have long hair. Part your hair to one side and curl it in uneven sections for a messier, more textured look.

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