Best Tassel Earring Styles

Best Tassel Earring Styles

Baumler and pearls are now a thing of the past.  Tassel earrings are the talk of the town today and cause a stir.  The variety of earrings is such that they can be combined with any type of outfit and add to its grace.  Stylish and trendy fashion accessories with tassels are a must for every season.  Here is a roundup of the best tassel trees and hoops that have received love and attention from all over the world and on social media sites.  Keep scrolling and save the ones you want to add to your next shopping list.

Types of tassel earrings that get a thousand likes over the internet

Tassels can be combined equally well, be it with boho-chic dresses or with formal evening dresses.  Below are the most popular tassel earrings of the year.  All of this is a must.

  1. Boho earrings with fringed tassels
  2. Kiera gold tassel earrings
  3. Turquoise and Red Stone Tassel Dangle Earrings
  4. Tassel earrings to clip on
  5. Bryce Canyon tassel earrings
  6. Gold and black tassel earrings
  7. Three tassel earrings
  8. Flamingo tassel earrings and
  9. Brass pearl and tassel earrings
  10. Sterling tassel earrings

How to style tassel earrings with different outfits?

  • Tassel hoop earrings are trendy and can be easily made at home.  You can pair your tassel hoop earrings with your favorite denim and dress over a long slit dress to complete the quirky fusion look.
  • Pearl tassel earrings go best with any type of ethnic outfit.  Try adding some shizz to your ethnic look with a pair of beaded tassel earrings.
  • Would you like to wear a see-through beach dress from Boho?  Pair it with a Trimble tassel earring to add something quirky.
  • Ombre is the new black.  So how about a sporty ombre on your tassel earring?  Combine it with your favorite off-shoulder dress and look stunning.

Tassel earrings are undoubtedly the most popular earrings of the year among women.  Choose your favorite style here or browse the gallery for more ideas and inspiration.

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