Crazy Harry Potter Tattoos

Crazy Harry Potter Tattoos

Having a tattoo on your body is now a given and many people take the plunge. Having Harry Potter tattoos on your hands is a great way to show your love for the book series. There are two ways to get the tattoo inked. One option is to ink a tattoo that is easy to spot and the other option is to ink subtle Harry Potter tattoos that only die-hard fans will recognize. Having a subtle subject is always more exciting than an obvious one. Here is a compilation of one of the best Harry Potter tattoo designs that would inspire you to apply them on your body.

Freaky Harry Potter tattoos

  • For the die-hard Dobby fans: Who doesn’t admire the strange little house-elf Dobby? You can show your admiration for the little house-elf by getting this tattoo inked on your arm.
  • For the Dumbledore fans: Instead of a picture of the adorable headmaster, you can have “Dumbledore Quotes” written on your hand.
  • Pasture and flying car: Have this funky tattoo applied to your inner arm to show your undying admiration for the Harry Potter series.
  • Hungarian horn tail: Get this edgy tattoo inked on your arm, a classic mix of photos that avid Harry Potter fans would admire.

Subtle Harry Potter Temporary Tattoos for the Potter heads

  • Favorite spells: This might not be an obvious Harry Potter tattoo, but die-hard fans would spot it in no time. It is a good idea to put magic on your body. Here the Harry Potter tattoo lover has written the spells ‘Nox’ and ‘Lumos’ on her body.
  • Potion bottle: This subtle Harry Potter tattoo design is certainly not for the casual viewer. Although many watchers won’t understand that Harry Potter fans would love the idea of ??the ‘Felix Felicis’ liquid potion for Molly.

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