Crazy Spider Bites Piercings

Crazy Spider Bites Piercings

The spider bite piercing is an unusual type of lip piercing in which two piercings appear on the lips.  The piercings are done in such a way that they imitate the bite of a spider on the skin.  The jewelry used for this type of piercing is called a “labret” because the piercing is performed in the labrum area.  It’s an unusual type of facial piercing.  The healing time of such piercings depends on the healing ability of the wearer.  The cost of such piercings depends on the material of the piercing jewelry, the experience of the piercing artist, taxes in the area in which they are performed, and aftercare costs.

Spider bites piercing meaning

The “spider bite piercing” is two separate piercings.  These piercings are placed side by side on the wearer’s lower lip.  Sometimes the piercing is done near the corner of the lip.  Sometimes the piercing is done on both sides of the lips, one on the left and the other on the right, to complete a set.  The “spider bite piercing” is popularly referred to as a double “lip piercing” as it is used for two piercings.

Whether you do it on the upper or lower lip depends on your choice.  However, piercing the lower lip is more common than that of the upper lip.  The name “spider bite piercing” came from the way it looks, that is, like a spider bite.  This is a rare type of piercing compared to many common piercing ideas.

Fashionable spider bites piercing jewelry ideas

Those who wear this type of piercing prefer the use of rivets over rings for a more real “spider-bite look” on their face.  A range of jewelry is used for these spider bite piercings, from circular dumbbells to crisscross jewelry designs, curved dumbbells to a jeweled labret and curved labret made from titanium, gold, or silver.  This piercing goes well with Halloween accessories.

Tips to avoid complications after piercing

  • Avoid frozen foods like yogurt and ice cream.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Avoid spicy foods.
  • Take vitamin B before doing the piercing.

Create a standout look with this bold spider bite piercing.  The gallery here is a roundup of the ideas that have been gathered for you so you know which one will suit you best.

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