Cutesy Holiday Nails

Cutesy Holiday Nails

Complete your festive look with sparkly Christmas nails. Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or summer vacation, you’ll find all kinds of vacation nail art on our blog. From maroon fall leaves to plaid patterns to cranberry shapes, you can try all kinds of fall vacation nail art here. Try all kinds of nail art for the Christmas vacation this season. Go through our gallery of magicians to find awesome beach vacation, travel, and winter vacation nail art ideas. Check out black nail art designs here.

Stylish nail art ideas for the Easter holidays that match the festive mood

  • Pretty floral accents: Draw attention to your nails by painting flowers on one or two of your nails and painting the rest a monochrome shade. Use a shiny silver polish on your fingertips for an enhanced effect. This is a wonderful spring nail art idea.
  • Speckled Egg Mani: File the nails of your fingers in an oval shape so that they look egg-like. Paint each of the nails a peppy shade and finish off the mani with black spots.

Awesome Thanksgiving Holiday Nail Art That Would Pass Out For You

  • Plaid vibes: To recreate the festive mood of Thanksgiving, you need to have your house dressed in plaid. From the table runners, placemats, chair covers and pillows, you can use plaid in various textiles. So why not flaunt it on the nails too? Mimic the plaid on your mani to celebrate the Thanksgiving spirit.
  • Autumnal accents: Thanksgiving is celebrated during the fall season, when beautiful fall leaves are everywhere. Celebrate the festive season with upbeat leaf patterns on your nails.

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