Trending Ocean Tattoo Ideas

Trending Ocean Tattoo Ideas

No other tattoo is so powerful and has so much meaning besides the dainty ocean tattoo. However, the ocean tattoo doesn’t have to be huge to highlight its essence. Some ocean tattoos for women and girls are as simple as a few wavy lines. But something tiny like waves or the beach is also popular to symbolize the endless seas, nautilus and anchors. We bring you famous small tattoos with sea, waves and beaches, the design of which depends on centuries-old culture and symbols.

Check out these insightful ocean tattoos for women and let the world know that you love mystery and power.

Dainty ocean tattoo Ideas for hands

The tide and wave tattoos are insanely soothing and can look incredibly cute with the perfect design and size. The tiny ocean tattoos with the tides or waves are available in blue and black. They look stunning and can be applied to your wrists, forearm, or shoulder.

Choose small tattoos like ships on your sleeves to flaunt the underbelly of the ocean and myriad animals living in it. Choose between comic book styles and realistic styles to design the marine animals. For something subtle, go with the line waves in a single color. Choose between black and blue to highlight your minimalist tattoo.

Trending Small Ocean Tattoos

  • Ships are by far the most interesting ocean tattoos for girls to get on your skin. The ship tattoos can range from ships sailing at sea or from a lonely ship at a standstill.
  • The dot work ocean tattoos are rarer than line work tattoos and feature some intricately crafted pretty waves drawn with ink dots that will add a great look to your skin.
  • Another popular beach tattoo is a lighthouse by the sea. The lighthouse tattoo represents security, hope and leadership. When you go for this tattoo, always choose the monochrome scheme to make it appear more atmospheric.

These exciting and thrilling dainty ocean tattoo ideas are truly fascinating and no doubt powerful. Check out the gallery below to find more ocean tattoo designs and guidelines on where to have them on your body.

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