Designs for Glitter Nails

Designs for Glitter Nails

The festive season is just around the corner. If you are running out of unique glitter manicure ideas, check out our attention grabbing glitter nail design ideas here. From graffiti nails to matte nail designs, you can find a whole range of glitter nail ideas here. Nothing else can enchant your nails like glitter. So just add a dash of glitter to make your nails look wow.

Trendy glitter nail design ideas that you can’t stop admiring

  • Go Pink: Showcase stylish pink glitter nails with negative space to add extra edge to your design. Bare nails along with pink shimmer are just the perfect Christmas nail art for the upcoming festival season.
  • Gradient nails:Have you ever thought of trying the glitter gradient nails? It’s a lot easier than you think. The only trick to getting a flawless glitter gradient effect is to use glitter polish instead of sprinkling glitter on wet nail polish
  • Luxe Burgundy and Silver: Nothing can bring the Christmas spirit in better than silver glitter glitter Christmas nails paired with a rich burgundy shade.
  • Fun gold glitter nails:Try this fun DIY glitter nail art by painting all of your nails with gold glitter and making happy faces on some and frowning faces on the others.
  • Sprinkled snow: Give your nails a fresh, wintry, snowy look with silver and gold foils. Use the silver and gold foil for the base coat and build up layers on the fingertips to create the scattering effect.

Sparkling New Years Eve nail designs

  • Stylish manicure with gold and black nails:Nail your winter style statement with gold peppered black nail art design.
  • Starry Night: Beautify black painted nails with gold stars for a perfect New Years Eve party.
  • Diamond Luxe: Give the diamond design a twist by removing a diamond-shaped part from the center of your gold colored nail.

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