Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Dragon tattoo ideas were passed down from Japanese culture and have since captured women’s hearts due to their symbolic meaning and unique designs. We have listed all of the eye-catching female dragon tattoo designs so you can get some inspiration. All of the design ideas mentioned here should be powerful and bold.

Keep scrolling for the latest dragon tattoo designs for your hands, legs, and back.

Dragon tattoo meaning and trend designs

Dragons have always been considered a strong mythical creature. However, over time, people began to associate dragons as a symbol of protection from evil. Dragons are revered as spiritual in Japanese literature.

Many people choose to get inked with Japanese dragon tattoos to represent their ambitious spirit and also to symbolize the Chinese zodiac sign. You can opt for a black Japanese dragon to channel your acquired wisdom in life and your free spirit.

The dramatic Classic Dragon Tattoo features fire, wings, claws and scales and looks amazing both as a statement and as a symbol of life. Remember to get Chinese dragon tattoos for your arm, which include an elongated and slender body and fish-like scales to represent the nobility.

Exclusively bold Dragon tattoo ideas

  • If you’ve remained a die-hard fan of the Dragon Ball Z, the Dragon Ball tattoo will grab your attention with its bright oranges and reds.
  • Consider getting a detailed and eye-catching dragon tattoos case in organic, Japan and China-inspired dragon designs that compliment the curvature and texture of your sleeve muscles.
  • Opt for a Dragon Thaling Fire tattoo design on your back to express your confidence and self-reliance in life.

The dragon tattoo ideas are well worth getting inked for for the plethora of symbolic meanings they carry and bringing you luck. Check out our gallery below to see more of such great dragon tattoos on arms, legs, thigs, back and hands.

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