Dramatic Eye Makeup Ideas

Dramatic Eye Makeup Ideas

Eye makeup is an essential part of any makeup routine. Some color on your cheeks, a bold lipstick, and appropriate eye makeup can make you look incredible. In order to perfectly implement eye makeup ideas, you need to practice a little. If you’re a beginner with an eye makeup set and have no idea what is going where or how to use your brushes, the following paragraphs can help you get a little bit oriented! Start with an everyday casual eye makeup look and take it from there!

How to Run Eye Makeup Ideas: Understanding the Eye Makeup Palette

Therefore, every basic eye makeup palette contains at least four shades:

  • Lightest shade or the highlight color
  • Medium shadow or the ‘shadow’ color
  • Darkest shade, i.e. the color ‘smokey effect’
  • Transitional or mixed color

Now the palette could come with a color that doesn’t seem to blend in with the rest of the colors, but trust the color is in the palette for a reason! If you explore the eye makeup ideas in our gallery, you can understand the application of “rebel” colors a little better!

Know your brushes for professional eye make-up

This list of the most important eye makeup brushes can help you a lot with DIY eye makeup!

  • Fluffy eyeshadow brush– This is the brush that will allow you to drop your medium shade shade paint on the eyelids. It also works as an emergency blending brush!
  • Blending brush– Hard lines don’t look good and it is a challenge even for professional eye makeup artists to blend those lines perfectly. A blending brush can help you work wonders.
  • Wrinkle brush The kink area is narrow, so a kink brush with a narrower tip is required to deposit darker eye shadow colors in it.
  • Angled Eyeliner Brush-The flat and fine points of contact and the angled edge of these brushes help apply liquid or cream colored eyeliner and create great wings.
  • Eyebrow spoolie– Neglecting the eyebrows is not recommended! An eyebrow spoolie will help tame eyebrow hairs and make them look plump! It also doubles for fine-tuning your lashes after applying mascara.

Without further ado, check out these eye makeup ideas in the gallery, along with some incredible tutorials and a great detailed picture of the outer eye parts to give you a clearer picture of what to apply where!

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