Edgy Geometric Tattoos

Edgy Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos have always been popular with tattoo lovers for their impressive visual appeal and spiritual meaning. Aside from the fascinating geometric patterns, the sacred geometric tattoos are now in vogue. These tattoos are symmetrical in shape and use the basic geometric shapes like squares, circles, and triangles to create stunning designs like flowers and protective knots. Tattoos have now become a style statement that reflects the wearer’s sense of fashion. If you are interested in having angular tattoos on your body, check out our impressive geometric tattoo designs here.

What is the symbolic meaning of the geometric tattoos?

There are different geometric shape tattoos. Different geometric shapes characterize different elements of nature. For example, “the cube” symbolizes “earth” while the “tetrahedron” shape symbolizes fire and the octahedron shape symbolizes air. Water is represented by the icosahedral shape and spirit by the dodecahedral shape. It is believed that a tattoo of a certain shape applied to the body has healing properties, restoring balance and health to the body. Because of the healing properties of the tattoos, they were used in ancient times as jewelry such as amulets and talismans. Believing that placing a tattoo of a specific shape will aid holistic healing increases the importance of geometric tattoos.

What are negative space tattoos?

The negative room tattoos are designs of inverted images with the skin as the motif. In these type of tattoo designs, the skin tone is used by the tattoo artists to create the lighter hues in a tattoo, especially in the gray and black style designs. The negative spaces allow the tattoo artist to create bold designs such as dot, line, graphic styles, etc.

Popular geometric tattoo ideas

  • Geometric Wolf Tattoos: Geometric animal tattoos such as the wolf tattoo, owl tattoo, and butterfly tattoo have gained huge popularity recently. The wolf symbolizes power, instinct, intelligence and strength and is a favorite of tattoo artists who use geometric styles and dot work to create amazing wolf tattoo designs.
  • Small Geometric Tattoos: The tattoos have become a fashion statement and many women now have stylish and tiny tattoos on their bodies. Some of the popular examples are the chic triangular bangle tattoo, the triple dot tattoo, the small bird tattoo, the moon tattoo, etc.

You can add tons of charm to your demeanor with these trendy geometric tattoo designs. Explore the gallery below for ideas.

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