Edgy Helix Piercing Styles

Edgy Helix Piercing Styles

The helix piercing is a type of cartilage piercing on the upper ear cartilage.  It is not a very painful type of piercing.  Many other types of piercings are far more painful than them.  This type of piercing takes about 3-6 months for healing.  This type of piercing is insane among Americans.  There are different types of helix piercing jewelry that are popular with youngsters like Helix Labret Stud, Hoop, Helix Piercing Stud and many more.  Check out unique helix piercing ideas here to keep up with the latest trend.  This type of piercing and many others go well with Halloween makeup.  Try it out this Halloween season and rock your Halloween party.

Different types of helix Piercings

  • Standard helix piercing: This is the most acceptable and widely used piercing on the upper cartilage of the ear.
  • Double helix piercing:When two piercings are performed on the outer and upper cartilage of the ear, it is called a double helix piercing.
  • Triple Helix Piercing: This is also a stylish type of piercing that involves doing three piercings on the upper and outer cartilage of the ear.
  • Industrial helix piercing: In this type, 2 helix piercings are performed to hold a piece of jewelry such as a helix barbell.

Inspirational helix piercing jewelry ideas

  • Show off an amazing helix piercing adorned with a 14k gold leaf helix hoop ring.
  • Exhibit a stunning piercing adorned with antique silver helix Hamsajewelry.
  • Look like a fashion diva in a pair of floral helix rings in sterling silver.
  • Be a trendsetter by flaunting a chic pair of handcrafted spiral helix jewelry made from copper wire.
  • Look upscale in a pair of stunning knot helix piercing jewelry.

With the eye-catching helix piercing ideas you can rock your chic fashion statement.  You can also discover many more ideas for piercings.

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