Elegant Pearl Bridal Hair Accessories

Elegant Pearl Bridal Hair Accessories

Timeless and eternally elegant, pearls really adorn a bride. Pearl wedding hair accessories for classic bridal hairstyles are just as popular as diamonds for wedding rings. These oceanic jewels are a classic choice to adorn brides. We all know that pearl bridal hair accessories have become part of a traditional wedding aesthetic. If you have a love for pearls, a look at the collection in our gallery will multiply that love for these moon-like gemstones from the depths of the sea.

Types of Pearl Bridal Hair Accessories

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, a pearl wedding hair accessory can do wonders for the bride’s overall look. There are so many different types of pearl wedding hairstyles that you can go for. The most popular types are:

  • Pearl wedding hair comb or bridal hair clips: Pearl hair combs aren’t as bold as a classic tiara, but they are eye-catching and fascinating. They are great for highlighting an updo.
  • Pearl Wedding Hair Bands or Tiara: There is not much to be said about the fascinating allure of a pearl hair crown that will make any bride look like a princess. If you want to tone down your look a bit, you can go for the simplest of pearl and rhinestone tiaras or headbands.
  • Forehead headband: A mother of pearl headband accessory is very bohemian in style and appeal. It also works wonderfully with veils.
  • Pearl Flower Bridal Hairpins: Beaded bobby pins in the shape of flowers may be seen as a low key, but they look wonderfully gorgeous in updos, side knots, and even on hair tucked behind the ear with pearl and lace flowers.
  • Pearl Bridal Vines: Pearl vines look magical. From wispy pearl vines to bold pearl hair pieces in the shape of grapevine, you can find many varieties to go with your bridal attire.

Popular color choices for wedding hair accessories

While the divine white pearl is a bridal favorite, pink pearls and gold pearls can also add to the appeal of a wedding hair piece. Black pearls are becoming increasingly popular with pearl lovers. The latest addition to colored pearls is the chocolate pearl. It adds a certain earthy vibe when mixed with white pearls or even gold pearls in bridal hair accessories.

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