your features with white pencil

Enhance your features with white pencil   skirt

The pencil skirt is a pattern which is generally a slim fit which straight and narrow. White pencil skirt length generally is at the knee or slightly below the knee length and the name it has got because of the pattern as it long and slim like a pencil.

The White pencil skirt is used as both casual and formal based on the type of material we choose, the design that comes in skirts, type of top we match with it and finally the accessories we use decides whether you want to make it casual or formal.

There are some reasons why you can go for a pencil skirt:

  • Wearing a white pencil skirt is perfect for both day and night as it is perfectly stylish
  • White pencil skirt is a perfect choice for all shapes, sizes, and proportions as it make it look good for everyone
  • If you want to enhance your body features more than this is the perfect skirt to go for as it highlights the curves of your body more evidently
  • Pencil skirt also make one look more slim and trim, this could be done if you match with a ruffle top or deep V-neck then gives more a slim appearance
  • If you want to have a professional look then go for a plain white top with a plain darker formal skirt and match with a blazer which is perfect for office.
  • You can also wear a denim coat with a plain white top and a casual pencil skirt which will perfect for a day out
  • A black crop top with a colorful pencil skirt is yet another trending fashion

When you go for a pencil skirt make sure the fit is perfect and fitted around your waist and skim over the hips.  If you are finding difficult to sit with a pencil skirt it means the fit is not proper. Length is another factor to be looked at, a right length should be chosen along with the fit. If you’re looking out for a pencil skirt for work then remember you need to sit with it for long hence the fit is very important.

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