Funky Ear Piercings

Funky Ear Piercings

When people feel good about their body and think that every part of the body is worth an ornament, they try to pierce different parts of the body. Beautifying a part of the body with piercing jewelry is trendy. Ear piercing is insane among the younger generation. It has grown in popularity over the years as it complements trendy clothing and helps define a fashion statement. Pierced ears are seen as a kind of self-expression and also boost the person’s self-confidence.

What is the meaning of ear piercing?

In some parts of the world, piercing means you belong to a particular tribe and therefore have cultural meaning, although it is now part of the fashion. Some people even associate their pierced ears with a special event that happened in their life years ago. While others see it as part of the body decoration. Not only that, some parts of the ears, when pierced, are also said to be of medicinal benefit. For example – Daith piercing is known to offer acupuncture benefits such as migraine reduction.

Girls and women love to experiment with new fashions. Therefore, try ear piercing in different parts of the ears. Here are the most preferred ear areas for sporty ear piercing jewelry.

Popular ear piercings

  • The double piercing: Minimalist earrings look great with this type of piercing.
  • The double earlobe and the single tragus: It’s in-thing now and tragus piercings take about 3-9 months to heal.
  • The tragus and the triple lobe: Give this upbeat ear piercing a stylish look.
  • The tragus and the quadruple lobe: Look like a fashion diva with this piercing style.
  • Sensitive middle cartilage piercing: Try this piercing to look elegant and sophisticated.
  • The single helix piercing: This is a painful piercing that takes 3-9 months to heal, and increased pain may delay the process.
  • The auricle piercing: Showcase this amazing ear piercing style this season.
  • The shell: The area of ??the clam heals for about 6 months and is protected by the outer ear. Therefore, it is not prone to frequent irritation. Try this style for a gorgeous look.

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