Funny Couple Halloween Costumes

Funny Couple Halloween Costumes

Right before Halloween, everyone has the urge to look absolutely creepy and garish.  Choosing an exceptionally great couple costume for Halloween is indeed fun.  However, the preparations for Halloween have to be great.  Guess what?  We scoured various social media profiles and managed to come up with a fantastic collection of Halloween costumes for couples to choose from.

Easy to sport couple Halloween costumes

  • Are you the perfect catch?  How about proving it with costumes?  The man can dress in a raincoat and pair it with a bright pair of boots and a toy fishing rod, while the girl can put on orange goldfish clothes and pair it with shimmering fish scale leggings.
  • Food lover?  Why not give the Halloween costume a delicious twist and dress like peanut and jelly for a change?  Jelly and peanut costumes are available in online stores.  Equip with a necklace made of cool jelly and peanut butter.
  • You can even choose some great ideas from our Halloween group costumes.

Cute and creative couple of Halloween costume ideas

Loved pooh?  Trust us, there’s nothing like dressing up like him and courting hearts.  Encourage your husband to put on his casual blue Bermuda shorts and a yellow t-shirt and black shoes that resemble Christopher Robin, while you dress in a vertical form-fitting midi dress and wear Pooh’s iconic red crop top over it to look like Pooh.  This looks especially great if you have the “baby bump” as the bulging belly would resemble poohs.

Create all the iconic animated looks and other such amazing TV characters with simple clothes and without breaking the bank.  You can find more great Halloween costumes for couples and matching Halloween costumes for friends in the gallery below.  Combine it with scary Halloween makeup and complete your look.

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