Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Hair Color Ideas For Brunettes

Let yourself be convinced immediately by our ideas for dark and light brunette hair for an ultra-glamorous makeover.

Light and Dark brown hair color Inspirations

Nothing is more classic than auburn locks like Meghan Markle’s, paired with subtle highlights and brown sheen for multi-colored locks. If you are looking for hair color ideas for brunettes with highlights, consider the Honey Brown Highlights, which offer balayage highlights and add a sun-kissed effect to your locks.

The gorgeous subtle ombre color can lighten your complexion and look sophisticated. Go for the Deep Velvet hair color for a more distinctive shade and add a fresh shine to dark, brunette hair.

Hair color ideas for brunettes with versatility

  • The Espresso Brown looks extraordinary and can add dimension and volume to your lock ends.
  • For a rich shade of brown that is both elegant and versatile, you can go for chocolate brown hair
  • The half brown and half blonde medium brown hair color is one of the best hairstyles that needs to be taken care of but can give you a fresh look.

The hair color ideas for brunettes are perfect for women of all ages and skin tones. Browse the gallery for more hair color ideas for brown haired women.

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