Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is coming up soon.  Here are some brilliant Halloween costume ideas that will make you look hilarious, scary, or downright spooky.  For the lazy party goers, a cardigan and glasses are enough to complete your librarian look.  Discover our creative ideas for your best Halloween costumes for friends, groups, and couples to make them a sure winner of the Halloween costume party.  Halloween is celebrated with great passion in western countries.  Apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, playing pranks, or dressing in bloody and scary clothes are some of the popular Halloween activities people get involved in on this day.  Halloween is remembered on the 31st in memory of the martyrsst from October.

Funny Halloween costume ideas that you would love to try

  • Candy Rappers: This costume combines hip hop with knack style with the great opportunity to have lots of candy in a day.  All you have to do is clip the wraps onto your garment, wear stylish sunglasses and a gold chain and you are ready to go.
  • Grain killers (oh yes! No serial killers): This fun group Halloween costume idea is a favorite among word game lovers.  All you need is creepy makeup and costumes with cereal.
  • French toast: It’s easy to conjure up this fun Halloween costume.  All you need is a beret, striped shirt, and paper toast to take off those Halloween attire.

The most creative Halloween costumes

  • Distinctive cactus: You can spice up this simple Halloween cactus attire with a green long sleeve dress, fake flowers, embroidery needle and thread, and some glue.  Wear a cute cactus in these clothes and be the center of attention at the Halloween costume party.
  • Curiosity is the death of a cat: Dress up like a cat with matching cat make-up and cardboard cat ears.  Add a knife with the words “CURIOSITY” to your hair to complete your cat look.

With these happy Halloween costume ideas you will win hearts at the Halloween costume party.

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