Little Prince Tattoos

Little Prince Tattoos

The Little Prince is a book by the French author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The book is loved by children and adults. It has many wonderful watercolor pictures painted by the author himself. Some of these images were inked by tattoo artists who were touched by the book. You’re looking for little prince tattoos, probably because you read the book and loved it. The drawing number one is a very popular little prince tattoo. It is a drawing of an elephant in a boa constrictor. Little prince quote tattoos are also very popular and inked on readers.

The most popular tattoos for little princes

The drawings from the book are beautiful, and many of the Little Prince tattoos are replications. Some of the quotes from the book, eloquent, poignant and wonderfully relatable, are inked as tattoos. The little prince fox tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos for honor and love of history. You can understand the meaning of the little prince tattoo after reading the book. The fox and the little prince tattoo is very special and unique.

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The movie-inspired tattoos of the little prince

Do you know the book was turned into a movie in 2015? Have you already seen it? If so, you will love the little prince tattoos inspired by the movie! If not, check it out now! It is wonderful. Little prince tattoos with half sleeves, little prince quote with full back and fox tattoo, rose and the fox tattoo, etc. are some of the really wonderful little prince tattoos out there.

In this gallery you can explore the world of the Little Prince in Little Prince tattoos inked by some wonderful artists.

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