Lotus Tattoo Ideas for Women

Lotus Tattoo Ideas for Women

You may have heard the phrase “no mud, no lotus”. Lotus flowers grow from deep mud. Feminine and graceful, long stems of lotus flowers rise from the depths and bloom. Each night the flowers retreat and sink to the ground and reappear to bloom unstained with the sun. Metaphorically speaking, lotus tattoos can have a deep personal meaning that means personal growth by overcoming and overcoming personal challenges and difficulties. Browse through some really beautiful and creative ones Lotus tattoo ideas for women from our collection. When you want to showcase the sacred lotus on your body.

Miniature and elaborate lotus tattoo ideas for women with different elements

Miniature lotus tattoos look great on fingers, inner wrist, along the hip or collarbone, ankle, and other such intimate places. The small lotus tattoo with dotted ink is a simple yet modern style. Elaborate lotus tattoo designs like lotus tattoo for the upper back, lotus tattoo for the thigh, lotus tattoo for the whole arm, and lotus tattoos for the side are great if you want to add different elements to your tattoo making it more meaningful and personal. For example, a lotus with a skull tattoo means salvation. The buzz symbol and lotus tattoo show love, compassion and kindness and overcoming difficulties.

Lotus tattoo ideas for women with religious, spiritual, and mythological significance

The lotus tattoos have a revered place in various religions around the world. In Buddhism, an open lotus flower means the eightfold path and a journey to enlightenment. Colored lotus tattoos can also mean different things. For example, a red lotus tattoo represents love and compassion. A blue and red lotus can symbolize that love conquers everything. Lotus is also a sacred flower in Hinduism and means divine beauty, purity, spiritual awakening and the expansion of the soul.

Most Popular Lotus Tattoo Designs

Some of the most popular lotus flower tattoo designs are:

  • Koi fish lotus flowers tattoos
  • Buddhism lotus flowers tattoos
  • Tribal lotus tattoos
  • Mandala tattoos with lotus
  • Lotus Dream Catcher Tattoos
  • Lotus tattoo with hummingbird

Every tattoo has a story to tell. The lotus tattoos bring out a very strong and beautiful personality that is very popular with tattoo lovers.

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