Make a style statement this summer with
mens ripped jeans

Make a style statement this summer with mens ripped jeans

Mens ripped jeans are the ultimate nod to summers and with glimpses of hotter weather to come, it’s now the perfect time to consider upgrading your wardrobe.

Fashion is not about playing by the rules, if anything; it’s about breaking them. So here are a few reasons why you should go for mens ripped jeans.

  • Because why can’t I? That’s the attitude of ripped jeans. I’m ripped and I don’t care. This trend is about doing something unusual and making it look good.
  • Ripped jeans became widely popular in the 1990s, when rock and heavy metal artists turned them into a trend. Today, many celebrities are wearing them.
  • Because literally speaking, they’re cool. As a matter of fact the breeze goes right to your legs. Hence it might be silly to wear them in winters.
  • Because they complement everything. Be it blazer, shirt, T-shirt, sweater or Polo. Of course, it all depends on the extent of ripping. Refrain from any massive holes. You do not want your outfit to spell homeless.
  • Because it’s a sign of resistance, the fact that you are wearing a distressed piece of clothing is resisting archaic ideas of what fashion is. One must remember, if you stick to one school of thought and way of thinking, you’ll never be able to embrace change. It’s time to own a pair of ripped jeans.

The trick is to keep the rest of the outfit simple. It is recommended you wear a simple T-shirt and boots for a biker look. One may think that ripped jeans are difficult to style, but it’s because they have never tried it anyway.

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