Peppy Holiday Makeup Ideas

Peppy Holiday Makeup Ideas

Prepare for the upcoming holiday season with a beautifully decorated house, Christmas tree, the right clothes, fashion accessories, Christmas nail designs and clever Christmas makeup ideas. Makeup is about highlighting your stunning features and hiding your flaws. From your foundation to eyeshadow, blush, lipstick to eye glitter, eyeliner and shimmer, all colors should match your skin tone and be well coordinated with your clothes so you can wear the look of a fashion diva. Here are some quirky Christmas makeup ideas to help you be the epitome of a party.

Dramatic Christmas Vacation Makeup Ideas That You Must Try

  • Dreamy eyes: To keep up with the white Christmas trend, wear a dreamy “White Christmas” look with sparkling, icy white eyeshadow.
  • Velvety lips: Wear a striking pair of luscious lips by using metallic red and gold pigment over a red lipstick for a bolder and bolder look. The metallic pigment not only gives the lipstick a stylish look, it also lasts longer on the lips.
  • Subtle shimmer: Instead of heavy makeup, you can opt for the shimmery Christmas look to get that little extra.

Weird and fun makeup ideas for the holiday season

  • Mistletoe eyes: Draw mistletoe on one corner of the eye and define your eyes with a gold one. Be sure to add just a dash of makeup to the remaining face to avoid looking garish.
  • Snowflake Eyes: Draw cute snowflakes on purple eyeshadow with silver eyeliner to make your smoky eyes pop even more during the Christmas party.
  • Go Orange: Give your appearance a special touch with bold orange eyes. You can opt for this chic orange and gold eyeliner to make a bold fashion statement this holiday season.

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