Stunning DIY Earrings

Stunning DIY Earrings

Showcase your own unique style in a fashionable pair of DIY earrings.  These earrings would add a huge fashionable punch to your style.  Jewelry making is fun and you can make your own DIY pearl earrings or wire earrings with a little effort, but it’s well worth it.  These handmade earrings make wonderful gifts too.  You can find a good collection of all kinds of DIY earring ideas here, from DIY gypsy earrings to handmade boho earrings to DIY tassel earrings.  Check out our easy DIY earring tutorials here to help you find the perfect DIY earring based on your needs, style and personality.

Stylish DIY earring ideas

  • DIY earrings: In combination with a ripped skinny jeans and a strapless blouse these earrings look fantastic.
  • DIY metal earrings:Combine the metal earrings with an all black ensemble to highlight the glamor in you.  Wear it with a white midi skirt and a soft chambray shirt.
  • DIY stud earrings: Add the oomph factor to your look by pairing a chic pair of DIY studs with a flattering shift dress and pumps.  The universal appeal of these classy earrings makes them look great, when paired with outfits at all.
  • DIY hoop earrings: Wear a boho-chic look in a fashionable pair of hoop earrings, combined with a feather chain and a stylish bracelet.

How to make DIY fringed earrings?

To make these earrings, you’ll need a suede cord, jewelry pendants, E-6000 glue, color-coordinated threads, earring hooks, jewelry pliers, and jump rings.


  • Cut the suede cord into different lengths and put it through the jump ring.
  • Fix the different lengths of the cables with a thread and glue them in place with glue.
  • Attach the brim to a jewelry necklace ring.
  • Once it has dried, attach it to the earring hooks with a chain or jump rings.
  • Use pliers to open and close the jump rings and attach the earring hooks to the earrings.

With enough knowledge of the DIY earrings, you can conjure up your own earrings this summer and rock your boho chic style.

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