The art of Tricot Crochet

The art of Tricot Crochet

Crocheting is a beautiful art of making elegant pieces of fabric.  The length, breath and design of the fabric depend upon the person making it. Creativity has no boundaries. It keeps growing and developing as ideas keep coming to people. Crochet requires nothing more than some yarn and a hook. The rest of the work that goes in is the hard work and dedication. Crochet is stitching by making knots and loops into desired pattern. The reason why Crochet looks beautiful is only because of the contribution done by the person making it.

What is tricot crochet?

Tricot crochet is also called as the Tunisian Crochet. This is a form or another method of Crocheting. Every Crochet has its own style. The Tunisian Crochet does too. In this method series of double loops are used. To begin with a simple chain stitch is done. Following this a series of slip stitching takes place. By stitching each chain the rows are worked upon by using the Crochet hook. The loop is then fastened around the hook and pulled back. This makes another knot. By repeating this process you can make this style of Crocheting.

When observed carefully Crocheting is a series of knots that are made in the yarn by using a hook. Different types of knots are what make a pattern or design to any piece of fabric. You can use many different colourful yarns to make the fabric more appealing.

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