Get Crafty with Stylish Tunisian Crochet:
Pretty and Practical Designs

Get Crafty with Stylish Tunisian Crochet: Pretty and Practical Designs

A Crochet is a technique which is used to make a beautiful piece of cloth by knitting and pulling the yarn into loops. The amount of time and effort that goes into making this type of fabric is what makes it so special. A Tunisian Crochet, also called as the Afghan Crochet is unique. This requires using a special hook which is long and thin and has a stopper on the end of the handle.


This type of Crochet requires a blend or a mix of knitting and crocheting. The methods used for knitting can also be used for doing a Tunisian Crochet. Work for this type of crocheting starts by stitching a simple chain followed by a series of slip stitching. After completing every chain the rows are worked over by inserting the hook into the previous chain and by pulling the yarn. Then the loop is grabbed by the hook and pulled back to make a specific pattern in the front. This process is repeated till the design is completed.

This Technique of crochet is more complicated when compared with the traditional method. There are many different styles and patterns you can do with this style. From making baby blankets to shawls and sweater you can make anything with this technique. Crochet and Afghan crochet differ in a way as the later is more closely knitted and requires a lot more precision. This is a part of the growing fashion trend.

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