Trendy Tragus Piercing Ideas

Trendy Tragus Piercing Ideas

Not everyone has a similar fashion sense. Tragus piercing is still a pretty unconventional type of ear piercing. Models, goth fashion fans, punk artists, and women with a quirky sense of style are usually the ones who wear perforated cartilage, especially tragus and anti-tragus piercings. If you’re wondering what or where exactly tragus is, it’s the tiny triangular cartilage that extends from your face to your ear and protrudes beyond the opening of the ear canal. You can slide a finger diagonally out of the corner of your eye to touch the tragus. A tragus piercing is a perforation of this tiny triangle.

Tragus piercing Jewelry – Popular Choices

Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with tragus piercings after visiting this gallery which is frankly a feast for the eyes! Tragus piercing jewelry is very versatile; You can carry dumbbells, captive pearl hoops, rivets, and clickers in your tragus piercing. Blue sapphire, rhinestones, sterling silver, gold bracelets, diamond studs, colorful opal gemstones, and metal are some of the most popular options when it comes to decorative tragus jewelry. Nature-inspired earrings like turtle studs, flower studs, star studs and clickers, leaf earring designs, etc. are all trending and look amazing on pierced tragus.

Tragus Piercing Pain Scale, Aftercare and Healing

You might be thinking about the extent of the tragus-piercing pain if you do decide to have your tragi perforated. Well you would be very happy to know that a tragus piercing is not really painful because although the tragus and anti-tragus look very delicate, there are very few nerve endings in these two cartilages.

However, there are a few things to consider when planning to pierce your tragus:

  • The tragus is very susceptible to yeast or fungal infections. Wash yourself regularly with salt water for a few days before perforating your tragus.
  • Tragus piercings can take anywhere from three to eighteen weeks to heal.
  • After caring for tragus piercing is essential
  • Tragus piercing is still fairly new, so visit a piercer who is experienced and can handle piercings precisely.

Getting a tragus piercing is a pretty straightforward process and affordable for many too! Explore this delightful gallery and find out for yourself whether you want to do sports or not!

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