Unique Summer Nail Art

Unique Summer Nail Art

Nail art has been a popular trend for some time. There are numerous different styles that you can use to decorate your nails. Spring nail art, summer nail, all seasons nail art are all the rage. If you are new to the nail art fashion trend, you will be amazed that you can even create 3D nail art in a number of different ways. But if you’ve followed the trend, you’ve probably come across so many summer nail art designs that look more or less the same. Bored of the similar summer styles in nail art, we went looking for unique and rare ideas.

Featuring summer fruits and flowers in unique summer nail art styles

Summer is the time of exuberance. Fruits, flowers and bees everywhere. Why shouldn’t some of Mother Nature’s beautiful creations find a place on your nails ?! Summer flower nail art especially with bold tropical flowers can look gorgeous. You can also do your nails with a few tiny wildflowers and butterflies. Or grass, if green foliage is your thing and you feel connected to nature. We have put together some unique summer flowers for you. So let’s look at the summer fruits! Watermelons, pineapple-kiwi are some of the best fruits of all time! Tinker your nails with this fruity summer nail art for an instant amazing manicure.

Some gorgeous and unusual summer-themed nail art ideas to rock this season

What do you think of when you think of summer? Ice! The beach! Holidays and parties! Is not it? Well we definitely do and that is why we are showcasing some of the coolest and most unusual beach and summer vacation nail art designs and some party themed summer nail art designs. Discover our gallery for some footprints on the beach nail art, palm tree nail art, vacation dancing girls nail art, ice lollipops and sugar candies summer nail art for your teens, summer sunset nail art and lots of amazing nail art ideas to get this season on yours too To flaunt nails.

Whether you are a fan of beer or fruity cocktails, limes or lemons, yachts or sailing boats – in this gallery you will find summer nail art designs for your tastes in different styles like 3D, gel nails, acrylic etc. so enjoy these rare ones and beautiful nail art collection!

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