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Summer Nail Art Ideas

Summer Nail Art Ideas

In the summer the birds and bees go crazy because all flowers bloom and bear fruit. In the spirit of the season, you can make summer nail art yourself in the colors pink / orange / blue / mint or get incredibly creative with natural themes. Flowers, leaves, petals and summer fruits like watermelon, cucumber, lemon and lime, cherries and strawberries make for great nail art design elements! If you are planning a summer nail manicure, tie dye nail art designs are also a good idea.

Summer nail art designs in line with the essence of the season

Summer is boisterous, exuberant and extravagant. You can adorn yourself into the essence of summer with some lovely summer nail art designs. Splatter paint nail art, turquoise and gold stripe nail art, nail art with rainbow designs, summer nail manicure with pastel shades, etc. are just some of the styles that are trending this season! You can also experiment with 3D summer nail art styles, acrylic paint for nail art designs, shimmering, striped, glittering, sparkling or dotted nail art ideas.

Sea-Beach Themed Summer Nail Manicure Styles for the Sea Lover in You

If you are one of those people who cannot imagine summer without thinking about the ocean and ocean beaches, you will love these summer nail art ideas:

  • Starfish nail art
  • Beach themed nail art
  • Turquoise and sandy yellow nail manicure
  • Shells and Bubbles Nail Art
  • Matte nail art by the sea