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Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

Sun and Moon Tattoo Ideas

The sun and moon tattoo apparently shows the opposite nature and attitude. While the sun is a symbol for male energy, the moon stands for female secret. The meaning of the sun and moon is all about the harmonious union of two opposing natural forces. Tattoo artists have created really wonderful tattoo designs using these two elements. Some people prefer to show a sun and moon in a similar motif, but on different parts of the body such as the right and left feet, two shoulder blades, corresponding fingers, etc. While the sun and moon are shown separately, those are sun and moon Moon tattoo designs generally share a common motif or technique. Some popular examples are geometric sun and moon tattoos, watercolor sun and moon tattoos, mandala sun and moon tattoos, etc.

Where would you like your sun and moon tattoo?

Once you are sure of what sun and moon tattoo you want on your body (or at least have a basic idea), you need to figure out where you want your tattoo to be. Upper back tattoos of the sun and moon are very popular. For such great forces of nature, the upper or lower back provides a great canvas. Collar bone or shoulder sun and moon tattoo is also a good idea if you don’t mind getting inked in on bony areas. Minimalist sun and moon tattoos on fingers, wrists, feet, or ankles also look great.

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Find the most beautiful sun and moon tattoo ideas

Coloring in is quite a process. First, choose your favorite tattoo design. You can consult your tattoo artist with some basic ideas, pick up your favorite sun and moon tattoo from our image archives, or even better, get inspired and create your own unique body art design. Some examples of the different designs you can find in our gallery are:

  • Sun kisses moon tattoo
  • Yin Yang symbol with sun and moon tattoo
  • Exotic mandala sun and moon tattoo
  • Sternum sun and moon mandala tattoo
  • Moon and sun point work tattoo
  • Sun with moon lady tattoo