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Symbolic Hamsa Tattoos

Symbolic Hamsa Tattoos

Hamsa tattoos have a profound spiritual meaning. In this type of tattoo, a hand and eye form the basis of the tattoo design. The “eye” symbolizes spiritual powers. The symbol of the hamsa stands for bravery, protection, calm and confidence. There are different types of hamsa tattoos that contain different symbols such as hamsa butterfly tattoos, star, fish, vine, flower, etc. There are hamsa hand up or down tattoos, and according to tattoo lovers that means Hamsa elephant tattoo lucky. In modern times, the hamsa tattoo designs are inked on the body of tattoo lovers because they make a bold fashion statement. Here is a good collection of Hamsa Tattoo Ideas for Women that you can check out.

Hamsa tattoo meaning

The Hamsa symbol stands for courage, protection, trust, etc. The “eye” of this symbol stands for the Egyptian god “Horus”. He is the sun god and the wearers of this tattoo believe that they are under the watchful eyes of Horus and that he would protect them from all evil. According to the Islamic religion, hamsa contains five symbols. The Muslims called “hamsa” the “hand of Fatima”. This symbol reminds of Fatima Zahra, who was Mohammed’s daughter. Catholics believe that ‘hamsa’ symbolized the hand of the Virgin Mary and thus represented femininity, power and strength.

Hamsa tattoo meaning and symbolism for the different hamsa tattoos

  • Star Hamsa: This tattoo features the hamsa shield as well as a personalized star in the center. Generally, the star extends to the outer edges of the hand. The star symbol has a deep spiritual meaning.
  • Vine Hamsa: This hamsa tattoo design is visually appealing. It uses the vine pattern and covers a large surface such as the back or the chest area.
  • Protective hamsa: This tattoo design has a huge eye in the middle. The “eye” symbolizes protection and protects the wearer from evil.
  • Flower hamsa: This tattoo design features a flower in the center of the hand. The flowers have different numbers of petals and each has a different meaning. For example, a floral hamsa with six petals symbolizes peace and balance.