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Taurus Tattoo Designs

Taurus Tattoo Designs

We have compiled a huge list of Taurus tattoo designs for the tauren to help them boast of their strong and ambitious features. A large number of people identify with their horoscopes and would like to show their love for the same in the form of Celtic Taurus tattoo designs. The Taurus represents the Taurus sign and is represented by the earth symbol. Much like their spirit animal, the tauren display a wild personality and are known for their ambitious nature.

Immerse yourself in these myriad of small and large Taurus tattoos and enjoy some eccentricities in the different designs.

Meaningful bull tattoos for women

Constellations are a great way to show your love for the zodiac sign. Try using white and black inks to keep the Taurus tattoo constellation subtle or add some colors to make it more dramatic. Get creative when you go for girly Taurus tattoo designs like the Planetary Twist with subtle lines and curves.

Venus is believed to be the planet Taurus, and you can go for them with delicate colors of purples and pinks. In need of ideas for small tattoo designs? Try the traditional bull pattern on your neck region or forearm to turn a few heads. For something big, the stunning Green and Blue Bull Goddess is the perfect option with its effortless blend of green and blue.

Big and Small Taurus Tattoo Designs

  • You can choose a Taurus tattoo design that includes a combination of all of the constellations to show off your starry personality.
  • For the best small Taurus tattoos for women, try the minimalist horn designs which are made up of horns surrounding the embedded Venus.
  • The Taurus female goddess tattoo design is the perfect Taurus tattoo for girls.

These Taurus tattoo designs are sure to leave traces of the profound message and give you strength and confidence. Check out a dozen more Taurus tattoo designs for girls and boys below.