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The concept of French Knitting

The concept of French Knitting

Knitting can be done in various methods and techniques. French Knitting is not the usual orthodox technique of knitting. This requires following a simple procedure and making bands or rope looking like streams of yarn or a fancy rope.


This type of technique is also called as spool knitting. The equipments required for this is a knitting dolly, some yarn and a Crochet hook. You can make their own knitting doll by using pins around the hole of a spool.

Once  you have  all your requirements in place you can start knitting. To start you will have to pull a string of yarn from in between the spool. Hold the spool in your left hand and use your right hand to start wrapping the yarn around each pin in a clockwise direction. You must also ensure that once  you have  wrapped a piece of string around a pin the immediate next should be wrapped too till all the four pins have one set of loop. Repeat this process again and when  you have  two sets of loop in each pin use a hook and pull the first loop over the next till it has crossed over the pin. Do this for all the four pins. One this is done you should wrap the yarn around the pins in clockwise direction. But this time only once. After completing this you can use the second loop to be pulled on top of the third loop you just made. This is called French Knitting.