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The craft of Hand knitting

The craft of Hand knitting

The craft of Hand knitting has been in practice since ages. The use of yarn and needle to make clothes has been functioning not just as a necessary skill but also as an art form. Today it is more so an art and to be able to make items and things with bear hands requires talent. Hand knitting is a technique that refers to knitting with hands.


Knitting with hands has been happening since long. It makes the process of stitching easy. There are various techniques you can learn. The knowledge that one gets by learning gives rise to new concepts and ideas. To knit in short is to be able to weave yarn into making clothes.

To hand knit is to make things look pretty and beautiful by weaving. The concept of knitting is to be able to weave or make chains and loops around strings of thread or yarn so that they hold a particular shape. This can be done by hand work too. Needles and looms are used to knit with hands. Circular needles with two heads are also available to make a particular type of stitch.

Love of fabric work and craftsmanship are all that is required to work magic with your fingers. It is always a marvellous sight when one gets to see beautiful designs being interpreted by knitting. Knitting is a beautiful tradition to be followed. New creations can be achieved this way.