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The Delicate work of Crochet Doilies

The Delicate work of Crochet Doilies

Crochet is a fine technique of making delicate pieces of fabric by knitting or by Crocheting. A doily means an ornamental mat. It is used as a means to protect the surface from dust and other objects. They are also helpful in binding flowers. Doilies can be used as a covering or clothing ornament as well. They have been used to protect wooden furniture from scratches, crockery, decorative items etc. Sometimes these were also used to bind flowers.

What are Crochet Doilies?

Crochet Doilies are made from cotton or linen threads. Initially the designs were published by the thread manufacturers themselves. Each design would be different and more appealing than the previous one. Some designs were oval in shape while most others were circular.

The technique used to make Doilies is called Filet Crochet. This technique uses a combination of chain stitching and double cross stitching. Fabric made in this way looks like a lace. The amount of yarn used to make Doilies is less when compared to other techniques. Patterns are made by filling in parts of the fabric with chain stitches and double Crochet stitches. The Crochet thread used for this technique is made from a type of cotton.

Decorative curtains can also be made with this technique. Doilies are very delicate and they have many varied designs that can be done with it. Many people continue to experiment and make new patterns. You can look beyond the traditional method of making Doilies and also try and incorporate embroidery designs on them.