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The ‘Edge’ in Crochet Edgings

The ‘Edge’ in Crochet Edgings

Crochet edging are the best thing when you making mats or scarves. Edgings add a new feel to the entire thing and make it much more appealing than it already is.

Types of Edgings

There are various kinds of edgings like flower borders, Irish crochet rose and Shamrock edging, Adeline Cordet edging, Jumping Shells Edging, Apple Blossom Edging, Bell Lace edging.

These involve a detailed study into the various ways in which each edging is stitched. In case you are a beginner, you might want to look into the difference between each and incorporate them into your various creations.

There are videos that show the detailed styles of each type of edging. There are different color combinations in the edgings that you should incorporate. Crochet edging ensure that the beauty and personality of your creation takes a new high.

If you feel hesitant in adding the edgings, you might want to go through the videos thoroughly and learn the intricate steps which go behind making the perfect edging. You might even want to have hanging things stitched within the edgings in case you are making it for young ones.

While making the crochet edging, small appliqués of cartoon characters or ‘hello kitties’ may be added to the edging if you like. Baby pink and blues may be used for the work in case it is for children. Shocking colors should be completely avoided and you should go for comparatively more understated colors like creams and beiges.